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Posted by Arthur-Swordswinger - March 12th, 2009

This story is about a man named Hurisani. He is a chronic lier, and many people know he lies, but due to his happy and confident attitude, he is often given the benefit of the doubt, which leads to people being taken for granted and abused to do his harmfull ways. One particular night, he lies to all of his family; he tells his wife that he took her father with Alzheimers to his meeting downtown, which he did not because he forgot. His sons at one point are playing like animals in the living room and giving Hurisani a headache. When he asks them to quiet down, they return with a question asking if he will get them a puppy. He hastily agrees to make them silent. When he tucks his daughter in for the night, she protests about going to bed so early. He responds by telling her something along the lines of santa watching and judging her so that he knows what presents she deserves at christmas (this is a tactic used just to make her go to bed). She points out that is is the middle of the summer and Hurisani adds that he watches all year long, in case you make a mistake.

It is at this point that he takes the trash out for the garbage collection the following day. Along side his house he meets a shadowy figure. This figure reveals that he knows all about Hurisani's chronic lying and starts to chant a curse upon him. Once it is finshed, he reveals to our protagonist that he can now only speak in lies, and that the curse can only be broken when he whole heartedly admits his problem to the ones he cares about and tells them the truth. He can only break the curse when he is truely sorry. Creeped out, he returns inside and phones the police.

His wife comes in afterwards while he waits for the police and asks how he enjoyed her meal. It was a wonderful meal but Hurisani tells her it was horribe and that he would rather eat smokey leather saturated in lard and washed with a glass of toilet water (he can only speak in lies). His wife gets upset and cries and his sons come back downstairs to see if she is ok. He tells them he doesn't love them and that they should go back to bed. They burst into tears as well and their mother runs and gathers them in her arms. She then turns back on him now and starts to yell at him. His daughter comes down now and asks what's wrong and if they are getting a dirvorce because she heard about her friends parents having one. Hurisani confirms that they are and that they will never see their mother again.

*This whole time, the father is truely trying to correct the mistakes he is saying, but everytimes he opens his mouth, lies come out*

With the whole family in tears, and Hurisani almost as well, the mother takes her children, grabs the keys and declares that she is leaving with them, and doesn't know when they are coming back. In a last effort, he moves in front of them and the front door and declares that he wants them to go. This is his breaking point. They push past him and are halfway through the door before he calls for them to wait. His wife hesitates for a moment, then turns to face him. He struggles with his words for a few minutes, then breaks out bawling saying that he has a problem and he needs to discuss it with them. Just then the cop shows up and when he is alarmed by the family's crying, Hurisani dismisses him by saying the there was no intruder. It seems he is lying, but then he claims that the person he reported was a psycological manifestation of his inner fears and insecurities. Baffled, the cop leaves also because there seems to be no danger here.

The story comes to a close with Hurisani in his home confessing his problem and saying "I will try not lie as much anymore... *pause* ... no, i 'won't' lie anymore."

*The message in this story is that lies are bad and always come back to be hurtful. Even when they hurt the ones we care about, even the ones we don't, they come back and hurt us too, and we should never lie.*

Posted by Arthur-Swordswinger - March 12th, 2009

This is a story about a young boy named Ben (or Benny) who is looking for a gift for his girlfriend Megan. He absolutely loves Megan and has to find the perfect gift for her, so nothing else will do. All of the things he looks at in stores do not capture his love for her, and so he spends a lot of time looking, and finding nothing. Her Birthday eventually arrives, and saddened, he goes to her party at the last moment with nothing. He decides that nothing just isn't acceptable and he writes an original poem (which will be supplied by me - just PM me if you are interested in this story and i will send it.) along with a picture he drew of them both. She can see that he put a lot of effort into the picture, and that he poured his heart into the poem, and she loves it far more than any gift he could have bought in a store.

*the message of the story is rather obvious: The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart*