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Ron Swanson!

You're videos are always awesome and entertaining, but that Parks and Rec cameo made my day, thank you :D

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down boy!

lol the guy below me needs to chill the hell out. If he wasn't a moron, he'd realize that the video is about somebody who is sad from being discriminated against on the grounds of race, not because he's an emo. Learn to read before you make yourself look like fool in front of thousands.

I liked the video, and although i don't think it was frontpage worthy (no offence) it at least has a good meaning, so i wont vote harshly on it. Work on those skills and ur sure to make something really good.

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Thoroughly enjoyable

Ducktales was an AMAZING game and i used to play that thing so much. It was a really simple flash, but even still, it was genuinly interesting. Good choice in sound clip, and thanks for bringing back Ducktales even for those few short moments.

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Lol Good Choice

I love TF2, but i can't play the spy at all lol. anyways, cool soundboard, buttons could be a bit cleaner looking but not bad altogether. And by god, i didn't know there were that many sound clips for a Spy.

Would like to see more man, i made a SB about a year ago for Pure Pwnage, and online show, and im going back to work on my second one now for Johnny Bravo :P

Commandojay responds:

You think that was a lot?
You should have seen the other half i had to choose from :D

You Are My God!!!

OMG! you have no idea how much u just taught this little newbie flash maker!!! i dont even call mysalf a noob any more, because i can make cursors and my skilled freinds cant! But, omg! this is the best and most helpfull tutorial i have ever used!!!

FelleAndersson responds:

Well, I'm pleased to have been helping you

It Was Very Fun!

I Liked It! I Was Playing it for at least an hour. I Got over lvl 100 and had like $1000.00. It was fun, and even had some music and sound fx similar if not the same to the classis mario series.

It is addicting and fun to say the least

Swordswinger =ll=====>

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Awsome track dude!

I've had this running on repeat for a really long time now and I have no intention of turning it off. It's just so chill and calming to listen to. I've been drawing to this song for like an hour. It puts me right in the zone to to something productive.

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word bro

this shit be real man, this shit be real.

good stuff, NG needs more beats like this one dawg

Rysco responds:

thanks man im glad u liked it, ive been working on more but im not sure if im gunna upload them or not

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